Our Violence

Our Violence is for sale,

As we silence our conscious,

Damaging our souls.

Our indifference is sold to the highest bidder,

No thought for the victims,

No consideration for our eternal life,

Just the greed for money blinding our eyes,


Our Violence is for sale,

As we watch our world burn,

As we trample the history of our brothers and sisters,

As we crush the future of our very own,

Our Violence is for sale!

Brenda Cowan


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Just here…making sounds, looking up, looking down, you were just here.
Plans were forming, hopes being reignited and a purpose starting to form.
You were just here.
Smiling thru wires at us all, taking each day as it came. A thought and belief time was on your side.
You were just here.
Walking around your room, playing George Michael all day long and just being you.
You were just here…and then you were gone.  Not a sound, not a warning, just an empty space where you just where.
The universe trembled slightly at your passing but continued on and gave us no comfort, just the thought, just the fact that you were just here.


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The World Got Smaller Today (for Sadie)

The world got smaller today,

a message contained syllables, nouns and verbs that took my breath away,

another person gone….another shrinkage in my world, my family

and I am looking at fairy lights twinkle in the dark and feeling your life force pull away.

it’s a little lonely to be left behind, death is a cruel reality for those of us still breathing.

Not afraid of my own passing, not in a hurry for it either but when it does come it takes its toll on ones soul.

And my world is smaller, and I will shed tears but I will live on and embrace this thing called life for myself and all who have already passed on.

Brenda Cowan


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Fall in the San Gabriel Mountains

This gallery contains 13 photos.

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Dew on Spider Web


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Death of a Friend (for Carla)

I kept wanting to back up on the truth, make it a lie
Turn those piercing words into ash so they would float away.
I kept feeling like I should be able to punch thru that veil between the worlds and drag you back.
This didn’t really happen, this isn’t how it ends.
Siphon the pain away, stop the clock hands and push them back.
This didn’t really happen, I won’t accept it and it will stop.
But the funeral has been planned, the flowers all bought,
The harsh truth remains, no turning those words to ash.
I can only punch into the air around me, the veil shall not be pierced.
And I feel you float away on beautiful Spring day……

Brenda Cowan


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Familiar Faces

Looking for familiar faces, scanning the horizon,
a full 360, sun blazing in my eyes.
The familiar faces are beginning to fade, drifting away on a cloud.
And then I am reminded you can’t hold a cloud, keep it near,
it will float away as we all will,
and the memory of the faces with them.
A friend passed away today, a friend I hadn’t seen for awhile.
Someone who’s face I would scan the horizon for when in familiar places.
His face had already begun to fade away from neglect, like the wall that needs painting but now it is floating away into a place I can’t retrieve from.
When I look for his familiar face I will have to scan the horizons of my mind and search the chambers of my heart for he is on a cloud that has left and is out of reach of my human hands.
Looking for familiar faces, looking within myself to retrieve the precious memories that clouds cannot take away.
Brenda Cowan


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