Thursday Morning

Thought this might be a good idea.  No form, no deadline, just my ramblings and photos.  I am Lees Kid, Lee passed away April 23rd.  I am not really sure how much of that is motivating me but I have a strong need to not just keep his memory alive, but keep his name out there.  So, first photo is up.  I learned to love the back roads and the lives and history that lived just out of site.  Do memories live in the air, in the buildings or is it an extreme attempt on our parts to hold onto things we knew and things we think we knew?  I don’t know but it is very comforting to still get in the car, turn up the music and find that road I have never gone down and absorb the world that is and was.  So, hello blog world, I will be back from time to time.

About leeskid (Brenda Cowan)

Breathing, writing, listening
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