The Truth

I see, hear and feel truth,
Not just words flatly falling from weary mouths,
Or resting in dusty books,
But a hum, a vibration, a life force of it’s own.
Truth is organic, it grows and bends,
It becomes part of us, guides us, comforts us and chastises us.
It is a living part of ourselves and when truth is silenced, a part of us begins to die.
Smothering the truth is smothering ourselves.
I see, hear and feel truth,
It whispers it’s words into our hearts, souls and minds,
It cries when we muffle it’s gift and retreats to corners of our beings
We still do not know how to reach
But truth will be heard,
It will remain silent as it frees itself from our decaying rejection of its being,
Truth is alive and growing and will be heard.
Brenda Cowan

About leeskid (Brenda Cowan)

Breathing, writing, listening
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