Slip into Destiny

Slipping into that place,
Dry and parch, no sheltering shade,
the feelings of exposure and disconnect.
The sky above mocks my mood with it’s vast blue canvass,
I can’t reach it.
I slide down the side of ancient rocks, over dusty ground,
the path is twisting and the end so far out of sight.
Where am I going?
What is the destiny and how far the distance?
I forgot to check my maps before I left on this journey,
As I look out over the desert so daring and harsh.
I hear the voices from the past in the warm winds,
Moaning for their lost place in this world.
I am slipping, slipping and the transparency is becoming too real.
As I continue the walk, the rocks hurt my feet, bruise my soul and shaken my word.
I slip into my destiny…..
Brenda Cowan

About leeskid (Brenda Cowan)

Breathing, writing, listening
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