The Depth of It

Feel my breath though I’m not there
Feel my touch though I am miles away
See my eyes gaze on your being though we are no where near each other
My body warms at the thought of you
My skin react to the memory of you
My lips yearn for you
I remember you always
You are somewhere deep inside
I bring you out when I need you
And I will wrap my memories in you
As we move forward in this life
Remember love, it is not judged by it’s length but by it’s depth
And this was a pure love, a deep love
And it may have ended but the warmth of it will always be with me…
Brenda Cowan



About leeskid (Brenda Cowan)

Breathing, writing, listening
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1 Response to The Depth of It

  1. markjohn1 says:

    Beautiful with great images in my mind. Thank you.

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