Memory Thief

Remember memories, hold them dear, look at them, smell them, taste them,

They are your pattern, they are your legacy,

For the day may come when your memories seem far away, unclear, clouded.

They play games with our head, kick your soul, make you wonder who you are.

Look at familiar eyes and see no one you know.

Old age, it comes, it takes, it is not kind, it is not fair, it just is.

You speak to those around you, you hear the words coming back but they do not imprint, they do not stay clear.

Old age, it comes, it fades all, it makes the world seem strange.

Fight back, scream, punch through the wall, kick, run.

But in the end old age will win, in the end the mind and the memories fade like old wallpaper on the walls of your life.

Your mind is still there, your past still exists but it hides from you.

As old age takes from you, you remember no more.

The Memory Thief has been here.

Brenda Cowan

IMG_0650 (1)

About leeskid (Brenda Cowan)

Breathing, writing, listening
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