The Rain is our Truth

The rain is here, soggy air,

Slick sidewalks, leaves rushing away, away to the sea.

Dark clouds shield the ground from the sun,

Thirsty trees reach up and say praise,  praise the rain

And the land breathes a sigh of relief.

The mud starts to flow and takes sins away and dumps them into the drains.

But the sea creatures begin to cry as our debris begins to flow and choke their lives.

The rain is here, the rain is healing but the rain is exposing all our sins.

The rain is showing us what we have done, the rain is our truth.

Brenda Cowan


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Dreams are real/ Oak of the Golden Dream Placerita Canyon


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Our past is right here/Vasquez Rocks

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The sound of memories

The flute is gently delivering the memory,  lives and faces I have never met.

But souls are floating in and out of my reach, their thoughts are whispering in the notes.

Their lives are preserved in the desert sands.

As the clouds float by train whistle reminds me of someone else’s truth.

And the music guides me to knowledge and healing I long to hear.

Brenda Cowan


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Stolen Colors

You took out your anger,
Unleashed your rage,
Calculated your moves to ruin the night and destroy the day.
You have taken all colors away except Red.
The Greens and the Blues are hiding their faces,
Yellows and Purples won’t let us see their shimmer.
You only left us with the color Red, rivers of it taking life away.
Oranges and Teal have shunned us all today,
You took the colors of life right out of the day
And have left all and yourself no beautiful hues to enhance our eyes.
You took all the colors away…..Stolen with your rage.
Brenda Cowan


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The back roads under the expansive blue sky, thru the memory of Garlock CA, lives pushed thru the desert heat creating memories from the 1880’s thru the early 1920’s.

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Capturing the Sun


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