Bottle Tree Ranch Route 66 Oro Grande, CA

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The curves in the Road beckons

IMG_1923 IMG_1924 IMG_1932

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Look in my windows and you will see the secrets I hold.


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Shadow of trees

Spirits are hiding in the trunks and the limbs, the leaves move and sway but look into the shadow and see the softness and peace that lives in the trees. DSC02012 DSC02019 DSC02032 DSC02042

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The space around is swallowing us up
The objects are denying us our freedom to enjoy
The space is cluttered with thoughts and fears, imprinted on the walls and sofas with worn cushions.
The ancient rocks are collecting warmth, thoughts, history and the spirits of ourselves.
Break out of the clutter, climb up to the cliffs and lay on warm rocks.
Feel the vibrations of centuries calm your tired soul.
Feel the warmth of the sun and hear the whispers of the past as they ground your spirit into the here and now.
The space around cannot constrict what refuses to be held back.
Ignore the objects of fame, the chains of material happiness, and climb up to the rocks and feel your soul fill up with calming wealth.
Climb up to the Rocks….break free from all…..
Brenda Cowan
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Red Red Rock Canyon, Highway 14 California The Rocks are Alive


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High Desert railroad tracks, Mojave, the feeling is infinity


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